Chelsea Print & Publishing makes readable coffee table books, affordable to the modern reader.

We are an aesthetically-focused publishing company with a commitment to storytelling, accessible professional art and the support of non-profits related to its published works. At our core, we believe that many of the most memorable stories can be told and shared more powerfully by combining visual and written storytelling in a modern fine art format.

For most books, as indicated, we donate a percentage of profits to a related NGO.


Chelsea Prince, President

President of Chelsea Print & Publishing, Prince has been involved at the epicenter of global philanthropy for a decade. Her vision is to create a threshold between art, books and causes by publishing books with 21st century storytelling.

Prince is surrounded by hardworking people who don’t have time to read a lengthy novel on a Tuesday night. She recognizes this and thus combines professional photography with readable content. Chelsea is committed to publishing museum-quality books that are both decorative and compelling.

Prince founded her first social media startup, InternCircle.com, in 2008, and then worked at Conde Nast’s Women’s Wear Daily, before moving to California in 2011, where she wrote for a variety of startups including InsideFacebook. At 4 years old, Prince read her first chapter book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and has never been without a book on her person since. A world traveler, Prince and has been to all seven continents. She is always searching for the next global story.



Keoki Flagg, Photography seen in 2012 Book “Snowcial”

Keoki Flagg has spent the last 25 years traveling the globe on assignment for some of the top editorials on the planet. Specializing in adventure travel, extreme sports and social demographic portraiture, his objective is to not only capture the faces of other worlds, but to show how they feel through the eyes of his subjects. His expertise lies with translating nature and extreme environments into larger metaphors. More work can be seen at his gallery here.





Robert Pittman, Photogapher and Marine Biologist as seen in 2012 Book “Snowcial”

Robert Pittman is a marine ecologist sponsored by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and premier photography expert on Antarctic killer whales. He has been studying seabirds and cetaceans since 1976, and now spends about half year in the field tagging orcas with suction cameras to learn its behavior.







Mary has seventeen years experience as a photographer – newspaper and landscape.  She lives in Napa where she focuses on photographing events, people, vineyards and Nature.  Her photographs have been used by numerous publications, including magazines and books, National Geographic Books and assignment work for the New York Times.

“A perfect balance is created with the photography of nature and people. My time in our natural world offers a connection to a deep source of quiet inspiration and with people they share their energy and give of themselves by simply allowing me to photograph their lives as experienced – all the love, joy, playfulness, emotion and realism of life truly lived. Time in nature and time with people – it’s a perfect balance indeed.”

Esmeralda F. Ramirez, PR/Editorial Intern

Esmeralda is a San Diego native and moved 600 miles north to study journalism at California State University, Chico. She had obtained an associate degree in graphic design but wanted to learn more about media and writing. Esmeralda’s goal at this internship is to increase the company’s exposure through social media outlets, blogs, and learning about a publishing company.


Special mention: Hal Belmont


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Chelsea Print & Publishing is an aesthetically-focused publishing company with a commitment to storytelling, accessible professional art and the support of non-profits related to its published works.